Vicar: Rev’d Caroline Beckett - 01206 30 87 26 -

All Saints with St James’ Church, Brightlingsea

January 2019

Happy New Year! May God bless you in the coming year and draw you closer to Him.

FROM THE VICAR“12:00 – a frenzied, fireworked finish, soundtrack to new vows daringly, shiningly spoken.1:00 – the dark of the new year creeping under the door, its bright promise already broken.” There is no magic to ‘New Year’ except the resolution, celebration, will-to-change and desire for the best and highest that we bring to it. The gap between where we are and where we hoped, planned, dreamed we would be by now might seem leapable in a single bound for some of us…. but for many of us it is a massive distance we fear we may never cross. Some celebrate, others slump! So do we make resolutions, knowing we’ll fail? Do we NOT make them and embrace failure without starting or trying? Do we laugh the whole thing off? Or perhaps get angry or disappointed with ourselves? Do we make resolutions, keep them and soar onward and upward? “Dear God, my prayer for 2019 is a FAT bank account and a THIN body. Please don’t mix it up like you did this year.”  Then what about not making resolutions because we are content? We are enough, we have enough, and that’s OK. Resolve to be thankful, that’s it.
And if life is awful… what about resolving only for tomorrow? And after tomorrow, the next tomorrow. I can always do tomorrow, while the thought of a week, month, year or lifetime may blur into the spectrum of the impossible. For those struggling, grieving or feeling lost, just pick something for tomorrow. I will get out of bed. I will smile at one person. I will answer one letter. I will eat a meal. I will phone a friend. I will spend 10 minutes outdoors. I will have a bath, watch a program, pray, read a chapter… “May all your troubles last as long as your New Year’s resolutions.” If by the time you read this you have already made – and broken and abandoned – your New Year’s resolutions, don’t despair. Today is as good as any day to start again. Whatever you do – or I do – let us resolve that we will not tie ourselves in knots because a clock has tipped over. I am not now a hopeless cause, on the shelf, a failure, a year more unemployed, a year further from my dream
job, weight, life, holiday or any other goal. The one I loved and lost is not a whole year further adrift in the cold reaches of my past. The New Year is just an arbitrary line in the sand that the seas of life will wash away. What I had, I still have. Where I was, I still am. When midnight strikes on New Year’s Eve, I am an hour older than I was. The loved-and-lost are gone an hour longer than they were. My situation has lasted an hour longer than it did. And that is all. Life, and life  hanging, is not like ‘Who  Wants To Be A Millionaire?’ – one mistake and you are back to zero and out of the game. Nothing that has gone before is wasted. 1st January comes once a year, but hope springs eternal.

Wishing you all a good, and hope-filled, January. Every blessing, Caroline

Vicar: Rev’d Caroline Beckett B.A. (Hons), The Vicarage, Richard Avenue Brightlingsea CO7 0LP Tel 01206 30 87 26 :

Enquiries may be directed to the church office either on 01206 30 23 78 or There is an out-of-hours answering service: telephone and email messages are collected and answered regularly. The Church Office is open on Mondays 10-12pm. Letters can be posted through to the office when St James is open 8am-2pm each weekday.

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1st, 2nd and 4th Sundays of each month: 8.00 communion and 10.00 Parish Eucharist at St James

3rd Sunday of each month: 8.00 communion and 10.00 Parish Eucharist at All Saints and 10.00 Sparklers at St James.

5th Sunday: 8.00 communion and 10.00 All-age worship at St James.

Tuesday: 9.00 a.m. informal prayer at St James

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Friday: 10.30 Prayers for the sick at St James.

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Our Mother Church, All Saints’, although no longer the central place of worship, is an integral and essential part of our life together. We seek to enhance its role within the affections of the community and to worship there regularly. The Sunday services (8.00 communion and 10.00 Parish Eucharist) are held at All Saints every third Sunday in the month. At the same time there is a ‘Sparklers’ Sunday School for 4-12 year-olds on the 3rd Sunday of each month at St James at 10.00.