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All Saints with St James’ Church, Brightlingsea

‘God is love’: (1 John 4:8 and 1 John 4:16). God loves us not because of who we are but because of who God is.

December 2020

We are hoping to resume services ‘in person’ from Sunday 6th December (which happens to be the Feast of St Nicholas as well as the 2nd Sunday in Advent!) at 10,00 on the first and third Sundays of each month, and at 8.00 on the second and fourth Sundays, all in St James’.

The Zoom service will continue to be held as usual at 11.15 every Sunday.

If you would like to join in the Zoom service please give your email address to Judith Gibbons at or on 07889 995359.

Prayer: St James’ church is open daily from to 2 p.m. for private prayer.

Funerals and Weddings will all be at All Saints’ with numbers restricted by H M Govt to 30 for funerals.  Weddings are unlikely to be permitted until Spring.

Interment of Ashes: We will resume the interment of ashes in order to ‘catch up’ with requests and give families closure, while recognising that some families will wish to wait and have a fuller memorial service with ash interment once restrictions have eased because only a small funeral was permitted at the time.

Baptism families are being approached again to see whether they wish to have a baptism in a service with just parents, siblings and Godparents, a ‘private’ baptism with representatives of church present or to wait until they can be in church with a higher number of guests.

To observe Government and Church of England guidelines the following conditions will be applied:

  1. Contact details of participants given on entry (in case someone gets Covid19 so others in contact with them can be warned). If you can pre-write your name and number on a piece of paper to give in that will save time!
  2. Hands sanitised on entry and exit
  3. 2 metres’ social distancing observed between members of different households
  4. Number limitations kept (and additional individuals not allowed entry after the limit has been reached, should that ever happen).
  5. No singing or use of wind instruments, though other music may be played.
  6. No sharing of books or sheets or passing of objects between people
  7. Collection taken on exit not in the service

Books and literature are being placed on the table in St James without permission. We do not permit any literature to be put on the table during the pandemic in case it may have been placed there by someone who is carrying Covid19 but not showing symptoms. If you see books/literature/pamphlets/leaflets on the table. please do not touch them. We will dispose of (probably by burning) anything found there.

Monthly Pastoral Letter From the Vicar

Sometimes looking back can be helpful. Sometimes looking forward can be better. In a month where I have seen the opening of 2 new Foodbank satellites, watched a vote in Parliament result in our nation’s poorest children going hungry during the school holidays and heard stories of how families have been devastated by Covid19 lockdown, decimating livelihoods, I look to the past to find hope. In tough times, it is always worth grounding ourselves in the good of what has gone before, reminding ourselves of ways we have met challenges and prevailed and retelling to ourselves the long story of who we are so that we remember it.
In the Bible, the people of God do this all the time: retelling the escape from Egypt, the finding of the Promised Land, the bitterness of exile and the joy of return. Telling these stories is a reminder that change and tragedy have come before; that we have survived; that God is with us. We remember that suffering is part of life and find an echo of our own suffering in these stories, which can help us feel less alone. The strength and beauty that tragedies call out in human beings stand for more than just their own situation: ministers, poets, artists, musicians, scientists, heroes all rise to the challenge of change and suffering and steer us through.
At Foodbank we have been marking 10 years of helping people and retelling our history to remind ourselves how far we have come. On 25 October in Church, we held a memorial service and at the end of the month, we celebrate All Saints’ and All Souls’ days, remembering and giving thanks for those who went before us.
On 8 and 11 November we take part in Acts of Remembrance and retell the story of war, suffering and victory. When we gather as families for Thanksgiving and Christmas, whether in person or in other ways, old memories will be dusted off and shared. In our stories we recall where we come from and who we are as individuals and as a group and whose memory and sacrifice we honour. But looking back is not enough: looking back gives strength, insight and even motivation for the journey but you can only look back while standing still – you can’t travel looking back or you hit obstacles and fall over. We need to look where we’re going because so much is changing. Travelling forward involves moving into a new place with new scenery and new challenges, where insights from the past help and past survival creates resilience for new challenges but no two situations are the same exactly. Looking forward – moving forward – takes courage and faith. It is the adventure of the unknown, sometimes we fear adventures or surprises because they are not always good ones. As people of faith, , one thing we can be sure of: God, who is the yesterday, today and forever and is with us always. While looking back can be helpful. Sometimes looking forward can be better.. Blessings to you all, Caroline.

Services broadcast by the BBC

You may like to listen to or watch the broadcast services on Sunday mornings. There is one on Radio 4 at 08.10 and on BBC 1 at 11.00


During lockdown we do encourage you to keep up your giving. Folk have asked for a ‘non-contact’ way of giving so please use the crowdfunding link here:-

Our churches may be closed….but the church is alive!  Listen to The U K Blessing by clicking here:-

Liam William McGrath Dec’d An application has been received for a particular style of headstone. Please see the ‘News’ page for details. Comments  to the Parish Office please.

Postal Delivery of The Native

We are creating a new service so that people can arrange to have the magazine posted to them.  please click  on the link below to open a letter giving information about the new scheme.

How to get your copy of the Native

Resources will be posted on the Church Facebook page @cofebrightlingsea

Those of you who live alone, please consider downloading a Next Of Kin Form from Church, to be returned in a sealed envelope to the Vicar at The Vicarage, Richard Ave, Brightlingsea CO7 0LP. In the event you are taken into hospital, we can open it and contact people for you and care for any pets you have. You can download it here:-

Next of Kin and Information Form

If you would like someone to check on your welfare as the pandemic continues, please also download a Wellbeing Form to fill out and return to the Vicarage. If you know anyone else who might benefit from this please take one and drop it through their door. You can download one here:-

Wellbeing form

If you email Chris Bloor on  he will send you a selection of hymns,and music to listen to  with links to recordings of the hymns on the web.

If you email Colin Singleton on he will email you a copy of the prayers that we would normally use at 9.00 Prayers on a Tuesday

If you have questions, please contact the Vicar on 01206308726 or

Or you can contact the Parish Office either by sending a letter to St James’ church, Victoria Place, Brightlingsea CO7 0AB or leaving a voicemail message on 302378 or by sending an email to

Telephone and email messages are collected and answered regularly.

If she can, Revd Caroline will put sermons talks and videos online with links to some music and the live broadcasts of other services

Vicar: Rev’d Caroline Beckett B.A. (Hons), The Vicarage, Richard Avenue Brightlingsea CO7 0LP Tel 01206 30 87 26 :

Caroline’s day off: Friday. Please respect this: Caroline needs time to re-charge too!

Alternatively please contact one of the churchwardens:-

Sheila Crow    01206 30 65 74                   

The other post of churchwarden is vacant. 

PCC Secretary/PCC Treasurer:  c/o Church Office, Victoria Place, Brightlingsea CO7 0AB

Other information

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Our Mother Church, All Saints’, although no longer the central place of worship, is an integral and essential part of our life together. We seek to enhance its role within the affections of the community and to worship there regularly. Normally, were it not for Covid19 the Sunday services (8.00 communion and 10.00 Parish Eucharist) would be held at All Saints every third Sunday in the month. At the same time there would be a ‘Sparklers’ Sunday School for 4-12 year-olds on the 3rd Sunday of each month at St James at 10.00.

Safeguarding: We are committed to safeguarding children, young people, victims/perpetrators of domestic abuse and vulnerable adults. The PCC has adopted ‘Promoting a Safer Church; safeguarding policy statement’ which can be seen if you click here:

This is issued by the Bishops of the Church of England which sets out policies and best practice on safeguarding, and which may be found on the Church of England website:-

Our Parish Safeguarding Officer is Angela Herbert who may be contacted as follows:

Angela Herbert, tel 01206 30 42 11 email:

Or via the church email address:

Or you can contact the Chelmsford Diocese Safeguarding Team:Tel: 0345 603 7627 (Children & Families Hub)
Tel: 0345 606 1212 (Urgent and 24-hour contact)

Alternatively you may contact either of our churchwardens whose names and contact details are given above.

If you need to report abuse to someone in authority or to talk about an incident of abuse the following telephone numbers may be helpful:

Childline: 0800 1111

National Domestic Violence Freephone : For women: 0808 2000 247 For men: 0808 801 0327

Essex County Council Social Services: 0345 603 7630 (vulnerable adults) and 0345 693 7627 (children)