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All Saints with St James’ Church, Brightlingsea

God is love: (1 John 4:8 and 1 John 4:16). God loves us not because of who we are but because of who God is.

March 2019

From the Vicar

“Raindrops on roses and whiskers on kittens…”
February: a strange mix of death and life, winter and the first glimmerings of spring, its colours bleak greys and whites on one hand and the bright red of Valentines on the other. For some, their least favourite and loneliest month, while for others a highlight, full of warm memories. Of course, for some of us, it’s both. For me, it was my last month as a single person, and (many years later) my first month as a widow. As the boundary between Winter and Spring it’s an interesting time to think about well-being and how we care for ourselves in the times of our lives when we wait for things to get better.
Care for ourselves? Surely we should put others first… and of course, we can and should do that – often. But the Bible commands us to Love 3 ways: love God, and love our neighbour as ourselves. #]So we do need to love ourselves, or we are much less well and less able to love others. An empty can is so much easier to crush than a full one: in the same way, if we are full of good things we are stronger and life bends us out of shape less, even in tough times. Whether in a romantic relationship or out of one, I recommend self-care and love this month as well!
I asked a number of people what gets them through both physical and emotional winters and got some great answers!
Enough sleep – napping in the daytime can be excused as hibernation instinct at this time of year (ha ha) but getting enough rest at night really helps.
Hot baths – preferably with bubbles or candles or both.
Warm blankets, hot water bottles, furry socks or slippers, decent coats and gloves – it’s easier to feel and be well when warm enough.
Time with friends, family, pets or all three! Stroke a cat, phone a friend.
Eating well and staying hydrated – try lots of cups of tea and for meals revisit childhood favourites.
Listening to favourite music or watching Feel-good films, preferably with others.
Doing something creative – making, drawing, colouring, cooking, DIY, singing – whatever works!
Trying something new, whether that’s a group or activity or a new TV series, type of book, style of music, food or whatever.
Reliving good memories – that great team win, that performance, that family party or lovely surprise.
Exercise! ‘I wish I hadn’t had that good long walk’, said no-one, ever. We tend to regret the exercise NOT done far more.
Making destructive habits 30 seconds harder and good habits 30 seconds easier: put the chocolate and booze in the garage or on a high shelf if you’re

Wishing you all a good, and hope-filled, January. Every blessing, Caroline

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Our Mother Church, All Saints’, although no longer the central place of worship, is an integral and essential part of our life together. We seek to enhance its role within the affections of the community and to worship there regularly. The Sunday services (8.00 communion and 10.00 Parish Eucharist) are held at All Saints every third Sunday in the month. At the same time there is a ‘Sparklers’ Sunday School for 4-12 year-olds on the 3rd Sunday of each month at St James at 10.00.

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