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All Saints with St James’ Church, Brightlingsea

‘God is love’: (1 John 4:8 and 1 John 4:16). God loves us not because of who we are but because of who God is.

March 2021 The PCC and Vicar have decided to stop in-person church services during lockdown and to close St James’ for personal prayer until further notice in order to prevent the spread of Covid19, especially the newer and more infectious strains. All Saints’ will only be used for funerals. Otherwise all services will need to be via Zoom.

A worship service will be at 11.15 every Sunday and a Lent Discussion Group and prayer meeting at 10.00 every Wednesday both via Zoom. If you would like to join either Zoom service please give your email address to Judith Gibbons at or on 07889 995359 or the Vicar on

Holy Week: Palm Sunday: Pre-recorded Reflection for Palm Sunday 11:15 Zoom service with Palm crosses.
Stations of the Cross Pre-recorded service of Stations of the Cross online. Outdoor Stations of the Cross, laminated and pinned up around St. James’ Church
Maundy Thursday: 7 p.m. Service of music and reflections which can be watched/participated in ‘real time’ at home or watched as a recording afterwards.
Good Friday:  3pm and 7pm Zoom service of Reflection and Vigil at the cross using images, music, silence and prayer. Will be available as a recording afterwards.
Holy Saturday 7:00pm Online outdoor service available to watch
Easter Sunday: Sunrise service 6.30am at All Saints’ or online depending on the Covid19 situation.
11:15am Easter Sunday Zoom service and love-feast
3pm Drive-in Easter Sunday service held in Colne Community School car park – booking details to follow
Forest Church : We hope to be able to offer an Easter-themed Forest Church in due course, so please watch our website and Facebook pages for details and we will post them once we are able to offer this.
Details of how to join online events will be published on the church website and Facebook page. If you are not currently receiving the Zoom links to our services and other weekly updates via email, please contact Revd. Caroline Beckett on to be added. If you do not have an email address and would like to receive monthly updates by post only, please request this by phoning 01206 825479 and leaving your details.

Funerals  will all be at All Saints’ with numbers restricted by H M Govt to 30 for funerals.  Weddings are not permitted unless there is a good reason (e.g. that one of the parties is in extremis) until we come out of lockdown

Interment of Ashes: We have resumed interment of ashes in order to ‘catch up’ with requests and give families closure, while recognising that some families will wish to wait and have a fuller memorial service with ash interment once restrictions have eased because only a small funeral was permitted at the time.

Baptisms are allowed with just parents, or you may want to wait until you can be in church with a higher number of guests.

Prayer Requests If there is anything or anyone for whom you would like us to pray you can leave your request by calling this number:

01206 825479 

This number is only for prayer requests. If you need to call us about anything else you can find a list of the contact details of the Vicar and officers of the church here:

Contact details for the Vicar and other church officers during the pandemic

Monthly Pastoral Letter From the Vicar

“This is the Lentiest Lent I ever Lented,” quipped a Twitter user this time last year, as Lockdown Mark 1 got underway. Now here we are again. Lent recalls the 40 days Jesus spent fasting alone in the wilderness before he started his public ministry and it traditionally provokes in Christians a kind of stocktaking of the soul. While isolated and lonely in the danger, stress, deprivation and exhausting demand of that environment, Jesus is tempted to turn stones into bread. Without pleasant distractions, the problem in front of you is often all you can see and it needs fixing NOW!
Even if we know what we want is not possible or reasonable, increased stress, fear and loss can magnify the negative. Aggression towards the shopworker enforcing the ‘masks on’ and ‘95 items only’ rules, or rage at the person in the call centre or on the NHS helpline are symptoms of this temptation. But when we feel ourselves on the verge of an “I want it NOW” meltdown, it’s worth reflecting, like Jesus when he says we cannot live ‘by bread alone’, on what that demand is really about. The devil is playing on Jesus’ fear of starvation and wish for relief but Jesus chooses to trust God and wait. What fears might prompt our meltdowns, and others’? The devil offers Jesus all the power in the world if he’ll bow down to him as boss. Jesus knows he’s a liar who won’t make good on his grand promises so Jesus won’t give up his integrity for more of a say, or power or freedom, because it’s an illusion. During this pandemic, scams have sprung up all over the place, promising things that are improbably wonderful for little cost, or offering ways to queue jump or gain advantage, and there’s no shortage of leaders, gurus and guides offering ways to make our situation better or have insight into how things really work. We need to take stock of whose promises we trust, who we follow and whether they are truthful over time. In a world where things are unsettled and we feel powerless, any idea or person offering us a way to be a bit more in control is seductive, but we should be wary. Jesus is tempted to try to gain certainty. Jump off the Temple – if angels catch you, you know you really are the messiah. We love to be certain of where things are headed or that we’ve made the right choices. In a pandemic, there is a lot less certainty to be had. Jesus refuses to put God to the test by taking a silly risk to force God to protect him. He takes the common sense approach despite the appeal of the ‘blaze of glory’ way. When we are tired, stressed, fearful and uncertain, the simplicity of a ‘black and white’, wrong/right, friend/enemy approach is appealing. But life is not that simple and sometimes we have to live well, wisely and kindly with uncertainty. Lent is on the way to Easter Sunday: the lessons of the wilderness strengthened Jesus on the road to the cross as he moved through hardship to healing, through powerlessness to power and glory and through death to life. What might our temptations be, and how might resisting them build strength in us for the way ahead? Jesus does indeed make bread, hold all power and miraculously return from certain death – all at the right time. Do we have faith enough, hope enough, love enough to wait well and wrestle well in the wilderness of uncertainty as he did? I pray so. Blessings to you all, Caroline. 

Giving During lockdown we do encourage you to keep up your giving. Some have asked for a contactless way of giving so please use the crowdfunding link here:-

Postal Delivery of The Native We have created a new service so that people can arrange to have the magazine posted to them.  please click  on the link below to open a letter giving information about the new scheme.

How to get your copy of the Native

You can also read the Native on the Information/News page of this website

Resources will be posted on the Church Facebook page @cofebrightlingsea

Those of you who live alone, please consider downloading a Next Of Kin Form from Church, to be returned in a sealed envelope to the Vicar at The Vicarage, Richard Ave, Brightlingsea CO7 0LP. In the event you are taken into hospital, we can open it and contact people for you and care for any pets you have. You can download it here:-

Next of Kin and Information Form

If you would like someone to check on your welfare as the pandemic continues, please also download a Wellbeing Form to fill out and return to the Vicarage. If you know anyone else who might benefit from this please take one and drop it through their door. You can download one here:-

Wellbeing form

If you have questions, please contact the Vicar on 01206308726 or

Or you can contact the Parish Office either by sending a letter to St James’ church, Victoria Place, Brightlingsea CO7 0AB or by sending an email to Please don’t leave messages on the church office voicemail as during the pandemic it is unmanned.

If she can, Revd Caroline will put sermons talks and videos online with links to some music and the live broadcasts of other services

Vicar: Rev’d Caroline Beckett B.A. (Hons), The Vicarage, Richard Avenue Brightlingsea CO7 0LP Tel 01206 30 87 26 :

Caroline’s day off: Friday. Please respect this: Caroline needs time to re-charge too!

Alternatively please contact one of the churchwardens:-

Sheila Crow    01206 30 65 74                   

The other post of churchwarden is vacant. 

PCC Secretary/PCC Treasurer:  c/o Church Office, Victoria Place, Brightlingsea CO7 0AB

Other information

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Our Mother Church, All Saints’, although no longer the central place of worship, is an integral and essential part of our life together. We seek to enhance its role within the affections of the community and to worship there regularly. Normally, were it not for Covid19 the Sunday services (8.00 communion and 10.00 Parish Eucharist) would be held at All Saints every third Sunday in the month. At the same time there would be a ‘Sparklers’ Sunday School for 4-12 year-olds on the 3rd Sunday of each month at St James at 10.00.

Safeguarding: We are committed to safeguarding children, young people, victims/perpetrators of domestic abuse and vulnerable adults. The PCC has adopted ‘Promoting a Safer Church; safeguarding policy statement’ which can be seen if you click here:

This is issued by the Bishops of the Church of England which sets out policies and best practice on safeguarding, and which may be found on the Church of England website:-

Our Parish Safeguarding Officer is Angela Herbert who may be contacted as follows:

Angela Herbert, tel 01206 30 42 11 email:

Or via the church email address:

Or you can contact the Chelmsford Diocese Safeguarding Team:Tel: 0345 603 7627 (Children & Families Hub)
Tel: 0345 606 1212 (Urgent and 24-hour contact)

Alternatively you may contact either of our churchwardens whose names and contact details are given above.

If you need to report abuse to someone in authority or to talk about an incident of abuse the following telephone numbers may be helpful:

Childline: 0800 1111

National Domestic Violence Freephone : For women: 0808 2000 247 For men: 0808 801 0327

Essex County Council Social Services: 0345 603 7630 (vulnerable adults) and 0345 693 7627 (children)