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October News

The great news is that Jesus is risen from the dead!

New Vicar, Caroline Beckett.

We are pleased to announce that the Rev’d Caroline Beckett is to become our new Vicar. Caroline is a ‘local girl’ having been born in Alresford, the daughter of Ray and the late Christine Giles both life-long worshippers at Alresford church. Caroline’s first husband, was Rev’d Rhys Martin the son of Rev’d Glanville Martin and his wife Hazel, who live in Alresford. Caroline and Rhys had a girl Danni now aged 15 and a boy Tom now aged 13. Rhys sadly died at too young an age. Caroline, who is currently Curate at St Margaret’s Berechurch, has since married Michael Beckett who is manager of Colchester Food Bank.  Caroline’s installation as Vicar has been fixed for Tuesday 6th November at 7.30 p.m. in St James’. Caroline is noted for her love of and commitment to God and the poor, and an ability to deliver rivetting sermons off the cuff without any notes. We look forward to her arrival and hope her stay with us will be a long one and bring many into the kingdom of Jesus. Do please pray for her, for Michael and the children.

Daffodil Planting Day 20th Oct. Join Sheila and the ‘Holy Mowers’ to plant thousands of daffodil bulbs at All Saints from 10.00 to 14.00

Gospel rocks local church…

The night of 13 October 2018 is one that will live in many memories for months, if not years, to come. The planning started way back in May; the excitement built steadily; and finally, on that memorable Saturday, the London Community Gospel Choir came to St James’.

As the day began, it looked like any other Saturday as the church hosted its busy coffee morning. However, behind the scenes volunteers were beginning to turn the building into a concert hall for the night. To the clink of mugs and the hum of conversation, the chancel was transformed into a performance platform with backdrops and stage lights carefully positioned to draw all eyes to the high altar’s cross and our beautiful Christos. We’d sold 300 tickets and their holders would all need a seat, so the balcony pews were cleared and cleaned whilst 164 chairs were squeezed in downstairs. Anything that could be moved (tables, book-cases, pianos, pulpits!) was moved to clear the view of the chancel and maximise the space.

Refreshments would be needed for the expected audience: a tea and coffee station, with biscuits galore; a bar offering beers, wines and soft drinks. Let’s not forget the choir, their band and their technical crew. They all needed a meal, a supply of drinks and lots of cake. (The singers especially relished the sugar boost after nearly two hours of high-energy performing.) Many volunteers put their shoulders to the collective wheel to ensure the night went without a hitch.

The doors opened at 7.00pm and the audience poured in. Within half an hour everyone was seated, the lights dimmed, and we welcomed the Rev Bazil Meade and his band onto the platform. The concert was opened by our very own ‘Gospel Singers’. Coming from various groups around the area, the 65 men and women had had their first experience of gospel singing at the July workshop. Their director, Alison Benz, and Rev Bazil gave an impromptu, and witty, demonstration of the conductor’s art as, with humour and skill, they drew a great performance from the ‘amateurs’! The audience loved it!

And then the nine LCGC professionals entered from the vestry. From then until 9.30pm, the building rocked! From almost head-banging choruses to delicate a capella harmonies, we were treated to the full range of gospel music at its best. These gifted musicians don’t just have a faith, they sing their faith and their energy was infectious. We were not a passive audience! Their warmth and enthusiasm swept out from the platform and embraced us all so we laughed, clapped, danced and even sang with them.

Before the final song, Rev Bazil summed up what many of us felt: that one (very large) family had gathered to share an amazing evening. He spoke of our common hope for the world’s future and our belief in the ultimate goodness of creation. “I feel part of this loving community tonight. Love is what brings us and binds us together.”

And as the audience went out buzzing into the warm evening, the volunteers turned to once more and restored our ‘concert hall’ to a space where 8.00am Eucharist could take place…

I sincerely thank all the volunteers who worked so tirelessly on the day. I especially thank the committee who prayed, planned, toiled and lost sleep in the weeks leading up to the event. And we all wish to thank Nigel Taylor, whose expertise was drawn on at every stage and who lit up the evening in his own special way.

Judith Gibbons

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