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April 2019 News

The Good News is that Jesus is risen from the dead!

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Native April 2019

News from the Churchwardens
THE LYCH GATE at All Saints’ Church is under repair. You won’t see much evidence of it yet because the local firm undertaking the work, Smart Carpentry and Refurbishments, are busy indoors repairing damaged timbers and re-making where they have to. This is skilled work using traditional skills, crafting with oak.
They began by collecting all the damaged woodwork and referring to a wall of photographs to put the bits together like a giant jigsaw puzzle. This is slow and painstaking work but the parts of the Lych gate are taking shape. The original gates were shattered but new ones have been constructed to match the jigsaw puzzle alongside.
When this phase is complete, they’ll move onto site to re-assemble. Keep watching!
THE ALL SAINTS’ REPAIRS AND NEW FACILITIES PROJECT is gathering pace and there was a public display of the plans at the Town Council Chamber recently to show people and talk about the proposals. Dozens of local organisations have been written to, asking for letters of support and encouragement – which is a vital part of the grant-seeking procedure. If you belong to a local organisation we would urge you to give us this vital help; it’s support we are asking for, not money!
THE HOLY MOWERS are working wonders in the churchyard, which is more accessible than it has been for many, many years. Consequently, people are able to visit and tend graves that they couldn’t get to, or even see, before. The Holy Mowers are volunteers and we applaud their efforts. We hope you do, too!
Bob and Carole

Recently launched at church services in February and in the town at an open meeting, the All Saints’ Angels Project intends to involve everyone who loves and cares for the church and churchyard in order to ensure its survival. By helping in whatever way is possible, we want to echo the eternity of the building and honour its heritage, so we can transform today’s activities to ensure a flourishing future.
Overall we plan to install simple facilities at All Saints’ church (WC and kitchenette), put in some storage cupboards and make urgent repairs to the Tower. This would then allow greater public access and provide a venue for wider use.
Unsurprisingly this will cost a great deal, at least £477,000 of which we already have £100,000. We are in the process of applying for grants but will need to fund-raise locally as well. People have asked if they can help by contacting their family members who may live far away but still have strong family links with Brightlingsea. I am happy to supply details to support their request for donations.
The aim is to have a church and churchyard that are suitable for 21st century use, where we can hold services, concerts, festivals and other events in comfort, when we can open up for arts, crafts, nature-themed, historical and other activities to draw in a much wider range of young and old, church-going and non-church audiences.
If we can persuade people to visit the church, they will learn to love and care for it as we do, and want to preserve it in turn for others.
Elizabeth Foss-Smith 01206 305120

Can we also remind you that Christmas flowers and wreaths on graves, should now be removed.

[If you want to join the Holy Mowers, just turn up at 10.00 at All Saints any Thursday or ring Sheila Crow on 01206 306574]

If you wish to hire St James please contact the church Administrator at the Parish Office (in St James) on 01206 30 23 78 or email her at The rate of hire is £15.00 per hour

Mission of the Month:
Our PCC are delighted to adopt local charity Porridge and Pens for our Lent Appeal this year.
Porridge and Pens works at Kumasi in the Ashanti Region of Ghana.
The Brightlingsea Child Care Centre (previously known as the Brightlingsea School) was set up to ensure that some of the country’s poorest children can get an education and a daily meal, believing every child should have the opportunity to reach their full potential by having food to eat and a place to learn.
Porridge and Pens makes measurable differences to over 200 young lives every day. They work with an orphanage in Kumasi to supply fresh fruit to over 60 children, adding variety and nutrition to rice-based diets.
Girl Power offers life-changing opportunities for young women by means of educational grants and scholarships.
The charity provides on-going grants and support to schools, orphanages, families and individuals in the region.
Our local support group has a programme of fundraising and awareness raising events. Do watch out and give your support to this deserving cause.
Find out more at their website, or visit their facebook page
@porridgeandpens to learn more.