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July 2019 News

The Good News is that Jesus is risen from the dead!

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Native July 2019

UPDATE on All Saints’ project

Our plans for restoring the heritage at All Saints’ and installing a WC and small kitchen which will allow a much wider use of the church and churchyard are gaining pace. We are all working hard to complete applications to various grant-givers, and have prepared masses of evidence to show what we need to do, and why….. to stop the Tower falling down, make sure we have an equal access indoor loo, and create a more friendly and welcoming atmosphere.

We have been greatly encouraged by all the good ideas for sharing the love of the heritage – the Tower, the Memorial Tiles, the ancient churchyard, the brasses and all the other very special features. Lots of people have come forward to volunteer for future activities, we are calling them “All Saints’ Angels” – and others have been offering contributions for the project – all the money will go into a special account. If you would like to help in any way ,we should be delighted to hear from you.

Elizabeth Foss-Smith 07899 776 620 Chair of Re-development Committee.

News from the Churchwardens

PCC: The parish has just held its annual meeting where reports are presented, the Parochial Church Council is chosen and Churchwardens are elected.
Carole Warren has decided to stand down and her place has been taken by Sheila Crow. Carole has been a churchwarden for several years, we’re all immensely grateful for the work she has done for Brightlingsea: at one point, a few years ago, she had to bear the burden on her own as the single churchwarden. Bob is particularly grateful to her: for the leadership she has given and for the pleasure of sharing the responsibility with her.
Sheila has done wonderful work with the Holy Mowers in the churchyard at All Saints and will bring her own special gifts to her new role as churchwarden. We are also pleased to welcome to the PCC John Dines, Captain of the Church Lads & Girls Brigade.

The Damaged Headstones A number of headstones were damaged in the car incident in December, some of them shattered into dozens of pieces. It’s our hope that, wherever possible, they will be repaired. In some cases, there are surviving family members of those who are commemorated by these headstones and we need to consult with them about what to do. If you are related to any of the people who were buried in this spot in the churchyard just inside the Lych Gate, we would very much like you to get in touch through the Church Office. Bob and Sheila

Latest Phase of Redevelopment at St James’
We have reported before about the plans for All Saints’ Church but we have still to finish the redevelopment of St James’ Church.
A group has been working on ideas for a little while and these first thoughts were outlined in a presentation to the congregation just before the recent annual meeting. It’s an opportunity for people to give their views.
The main purposes of this phase of redevelopment will be to:
• Provide storage facilities
• Make proper space for meetings, Sunday School and other youth groups
• Create a place for quiet reflection and prayer
• Provide an electronic organ
• Develop up-to-date audio visual/ facilities
• Make better, larger office facilities
• Sort out the heating system
More details will follow in the near future!

Mission of the Month: WATER AID
A plentiful supply of good clean water is something we in the western world tend to take for granted, but this is not the case in so many countries. Extreme poverty cannot end until clean water, toilets and hygiene are a normal part of daily life for everyone, everywhere. Worldwide, 844 million people live without clean water close to home, and 2.3 billion don’t have a decent toilet of their own.
WaterAid focuses resolutely on three essentials: clean water, improved sanitation and proper hygiene. Each year nearly 300,000 children do not live to see their fifth birthday because of diseases caused by dirty water and poor sanitation.
That’s why WaterAid taps into groundwater, drills wells and harvests rainwater to bring clean water to where people live, work and go to school – whether in a rural community or an urban dwelling.
Installing decent toilets also promotes good hygiene – helping people stay clean and healthy. This demonstrates to governments the difference this makes to whole communities: children don’t miss school with stomach ache or die from

Holy Mowers and All Saints Churchyard: If you want to join the Holy Mowers, just turn up at 10.00 at All Saints any Thursday or ring Sheila Crow on 01206 306574

If you wish to hire St James please contact the church Administrator at the Parish Office (in St James) on 01206 30 23 78 or email her at The rate of hire is £15.00 per hour