While we are without a priest please contact the church office on 01206 30 23 78 or brightlingseaparish@btconnect.com

Baptisms, Weddings and Funerals

Baptisms, weddings and funerals can be arranged by appointment:

Baptism enquiries: Shirley Raynes – 01206 305190 or Jennifer Gallant – 01206 305060

Wedding enquiries: Linda Salmon – 01206 306365 or e-mail:  salmonlinda978@gmail.com

Funeral enquiries: Sue Wills, Church Administrator 01206 30 23 78 (If not in voice mail will be regularly responded to ): or Chris Bloor 01206 30 33 31 or chrisbloor18@talktalk.net

Ash Lawn/Memorial Garden enquiries: Sheila Crow – 01206 306574 or e-mail: sheilajcrow@hotmail.co.uk

Counsel and advice, visiting the sick and infirm and ministering the Sacraments can be arranged when a request is made.  Please contact Sue Wills, Church Adminnistrator on 01206 30 23 78  (If not in voice mail will be regularly responded to ). Or send an email to brightlingseaparish@btconnect.com

For the table of fees click here:-

Table of fees from 1 1 2016

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