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The great news is that Jesus is risen from the dead!

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November 2017

Reverend Anne has now retired

Anne has seen us through 5 years of the biggest changes in our church for 60 years. She has taken us on a spiritual journey and then pointed out the way forward. We hope to live to see her vision of Ezekiel 47:1-11 fulfilled. She will be missed  We wish Anne and Eddie both well and pray for them in their new home in Dorset.

Two Minutes Silence – In the month, when we think about those who have given their lives in war, the two minutes silence is a familiar act of remembrance. We can use the silence to reflect on those who have suffered in war or on what it means to work for a peaceful world. Or do we end up thinking about lunch or panic that we haven’t switched our phone off?

Victor Frankl, a victim of Auschwitz, suggested that the most intolerable of all human conditions is not imprisonment or hunger, but lack of meaning. The two minutes silence enables us to connect with Jesus’ message, which offers true meaning to our lives and world. He spoke of giving ourselves in love for each other and the world, ‘Love your enemies and pray for those that persecute you’ (Matthew 5:44). He also demonstrated such love in sacrificing His own life, ‘Greater love has no-one than this, that he lay down his life for his friends’ (John 15:13). In observing the silence, let’s use it to reflect on this sacrificial love, as we remember all those who have experienced pain and conflict.

Of course, we should be serious about silence and stillness in the whole of our lives, not just for two minutes at an act of Remembrance. In busy lives where so much is clamouring for our attention, silence enables us to reassess our priorities and rediscover true meaning in our lives. Jesus made a habit of withdrawing to experience silence. He did this before choosing his disciples, after He heard of John’s beheading, after feeding the 5000, after healing a leper, at the Transfiguration and to prepare for His death. ‘The seeking out of solitary places was a regular practice for Jesus. So it should be for us.’ (Richard Foster).

Those who are ill for whom we have been asked to pray are: Ruth Askew;  Simon and Karen Birnie;  Sonia Bones;  Mylie Brooker;  Emily Cannon;  Arthur Cole;  Brenda Collins;  Bonnie Day;  Tom Dale;  Becky Dines;  Alfie Taylor Fenwick;  Willie Gant;  Johnnie Russell;  Jeff Scott;  Rita Smith;  Nicola Springett;  Karen Talmey;  Christopher Williams;  Amy, Lily and Poppy Wright.

Rev.  Canon  Michael Swindlehurst died in August this year.

As Rev Swindlehurst was dying he was visited by the Rector of Saffron Walden.  As the Rector was saying how much everyone had valued Rev Swindlehurst’s work in church and community he was cut short by Rev.  Swindlehurst saying very quietly, ‘In Christ you love me, I love you and God loves all of us.  Nothing else matters.’

Custodians at All Saints’ Church – All Saints’ is open from Mid-May to mid-September every afternoon from 2.30 to 4.30 – if someone wishes to visit at other times (Summer or Winter) they should telephone 01206 30 55 52 if possible at least two weeks beforehand.

We are still in need of volunteers to take on duties as existing custodians are being stretched rather a lot: please contact Janet Russell on 30 55 52.

Colchester Area Vocations Days These days are for people at every stage of exploring all sorts of ministry, lay and ordained. The Day offers input and information, workshops, time-out to think and pray about your own direction in life, and an opportunity to meet and talk with other people on similar journeys. Principally, it is a day to hear or to listen to God. The first has passed but a second one is planned for 11th November at Holy Cross Church in Felsted and will offer opportunities to join with others on “The Path”.

The day is free and lasts from 10:00 am to 4:00 pm (coffee is available from 09:30, a free lunch is provided) and is packed with helpful information and valuable insights, all set in the context of worship.

For more information pick up a flyer, visit the Area page of the Diocesan website, or contact your Deanery Vocations Adviser, Rev Peter Kane on 01255 429896 or e-mail: peterkane@cantab.net

The ‘Holy Mowers’   have now entered the ‘Best-Kept Churchyard’ competition. They now meet on Thursday mornings 10.00-12.30. Come as often and for as long as you want. The churchyard looks as it has never looked before! Contact Sheila Crowe (pictured) on 30 65 74.

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Beacon of Hope for Widows, Vulnerable Women and Children (BHWVC) 

Contacts: e-mail beaconofhope67@gmail.com Tel : +243 822 040 069, +243 995 669 664

August 17th 2017  Greetings and update about orphan education

I warmly greet all of you on the behalf of the orphans we serve with you. Many children ask about you but their understanding of the world is so little that they often think you could come over a week-end, visit with them and go back. This year again we sincerely thank God for all of you. With your help 104 orphans attended school and two of them came first their classes. Generally there are about 50 to 60 children per class here. This year, a boy you have supported for 7 years successfully accomplished his secondary education. He lost both of his parents in ethnic violence in 2003. We have kept our eyes on him for he has been very angry and could have become a criminal. Years of your support has transformed him to a good young man. He now has no intention of revenge and spends most his time with his local church choir. As I write now, he is away with his choir where he plays the guitar. That’s why I am not be able to include his photo this time. He can now work as a primary school teacher if he wishes. May the name of the Lord be blessed.

The blessings of holidays Bible camp

For about three years we have projected to have a holiday Bible camp for children in Bogoro but security situation has not allowed it. Militias tend to become more active during this time of year so parents and caretakers tend to move children away from Bogoro. Though nothing much changed this year, we decided to hold a Bible camp for there are always some children left in the village. We planned on having around 50 children according available fund. So we planned to start the Bible camp from August 10th through August 16tth.

Thursday August 10th it rained so hard early morning that the two little streams that flow around the center became rivers that children could not ford by themselves. In addition, it was so cold for the children (24 Celsius degrees here) so until 9:00 O’clock very few of them had managed to come. As soon as the weather warmed, we were overwhelmed with the number of children trying to cross the river at various spots. Women cooking food outside helped us monitor the coming of children. By God’s grace every  child closed safely.  Around 11:00 O’clock we had around 80 children. The lessons began with God the creator and God being pleased with his creation. Then followed the fall of man and God’s plan for salvation.

For three days in a row we had Bible lessons, we played games and ate together. The number of children grew daily as they brought their friends. The third day we had 90 to hundred children.  Unfortunately the third day we ran out of food and could not continue! So, we only had 3 days of Bible camp instead of a week as we had planned. Though we did not accomplish the number of days we intended, we are overjoyed with the blessings the Lord brought within those few days.

After hearing about Jesus the Messiah, the one who brought grace and reconciled the fallen mankind with God, 70 children came to faith and decided to follow Jesus. We know that some of them are so young but we were comforted by testimonies coming from the village. A mother of 5 year old girl came to report how her daughter had challenged her elder brother. She had just been taught that Jesus loves children but He hates sins. When the little girl saw her elder brother pick up one sweet potato from her mother’s basket and hide it, she shouted so loudly that the entire family was startled. She was telling her brother “Don’t you know that Jesus loves children but He does not like children stealing? Give me back this potato, take it back to mum”.

The boy was heard by a Sunday school teacher telling his friends that he was going to take his salvation seriously and avoid sins.

The children were disappointed that the camp was over so soon. We regret that we did not have time to teach about the baptism and the role of church in the life of Christians. Please pray that we would raise 200$ dollars very soon so that those two lessons can be taught. Also pray that we would not loose contact with children who came to faith. Particularly pray that parents would continue to allow the 3 catholic children who accepted Jesus as their savior to come to the center to learn more about Jesus. May the Lord remind these children of his love for them on the daily basis.

Sunday school teachers came to learn

Three Sunday school teachers came to watch how we are teaching children so that they can learn from us. They wish they could have more training so that they would feel confident to teach kids. Also, they asked us to speak to the pastors regarding the need for proper venues for Sunday school classes. Please pray that the Lord would give us the right words to speak to pastors and wisdom as we try to help pastors see the importance of ministry to children.

Let me thank you again for your commitment in helping Beacon of Hope to serve orphans and children in Eastern Congo. The field is ripe and waiting to be harvested. Please pray for God’s provision for the vision He has given you and us. May he abundantly bestow his blessings on you and your loved ones. Serving together,  Bagamba Araali